3 Ways to Treat Pregnancy Acne Safely

Hormone fluctuations when pregnant causes pimple of many women. Even when they may be gone after childbirth, it is a large annoyance; who wants to walk around covered in acne for 9 months? Since prescription treatments and many cosmetic solutions are unsafe and potentially harmful to the child, most women that are pregnant are frustrated concerning this problem.

Unfortunately we have been bombarded by TV commercials and print ads constantly mentioning prescription acne drugs as well as other chemical, cosmetic methods which are not safe for pregnant women, so most urban women don’t have knowledge of natural, safe methods for acne treatments in pregnancy.

Method 1: Our first method is for preventing acne and treating the pimples which are just starting out. I recommend avoiding harsh soaps and utilizing a soap created using essential olive oil and gentle natural ingredients for washing that person daily. If the breakouts are simply starting, but not yet developed into pus filled zits, teas compress and organic honey should help stopping them from progressing into the pus stage.

Method 2: Our second strategy is using mineral makeup with safe ingredients. Mineral cosmetic makeup products have antibacterial, oil controlling and anti-blemish properties which stop the nasty pregnancy acne in its tracks.

You need to be mindful and focus their list of ingredients of the mineral cosmetic makeup products before purchasing them, since some brands use harmful toxic ingredients to minimize the expense.

Bismuth is one of them, it is a recognized carcinogen and may even cause birth defects. I wrote reveal listing of safe and unsafe ingredients during my internet sites. The best mineral beauty products are those using rice flour as a filler, rice flour is well-known due to the oil absorbing anti-blemish properties.

Method 3: Our third method involves becoming dry the zits through the use of salycilic acid cream and soap. Salycilic acid remains safe and secure to utilize externally, it helps getting rid from the blemishes. I don’t recommend using concealers or liquid foundation as well as this treatment, mainly because it clogs the pores and prevents the salycilic acid treatment from being efficient. The only concealing method must be mineral makeup in powder form.