Am I Pregnant? Common Signs of Early Pregnancy

Some women who have regular periods can certainly start to suspect they could be pregnant as early as the 2nd week of childbearing. Other females who are not very regular may miss all of the early symptoms instead of be aware of which they are pregnant until the 2nd trimester.

Early signs of being pregnant consist of woman to woman and from pregnancy to pregnancy. However there are some common experiences that happen. Some can experience these symptoms while others might not exactly. There is nothing wrong together with you if you don’t experience early signs of childbearing.

Here are some common occurrences:

1. Missed period or spotting. Typically, a missed period is regarded as the apparent signs of pregnancy for a lady who’s regular periods. However, sometimes stress and other factors could be the reason behind a missed period or even a spotting (a light period).

2. Nausea or queasy. This is also very suggestive of an early pregnancy. Feeling sick in your stomach around the time you need to be starting your period could be a sign you are pregnant.

3. Fatigue. When you are pregnant from your farm the hormone progesterone that make you very tired and sleepy. Your energy level will drop severely. This is also a normal manifestation of early pregnancy.

4. Frequent urination. If you start exploring bathroom a lot more than normal you could possibly be pregnant.

5. Taste and smells. Many expecting mothers experience an elevated sense of smell and taste. Certain odors will make you feel sick. And particular food cravings are more apparent.

This is simply by no means an exhaustive list. But these are some of the most popular warning signs of early pregnancy. If you think you may be pregnant then go towards the store and get a home pregnancy test. These tests are extremely accurate currently. But do not make use of them totally. Be sure to contact your physician to make sure you receive the diagnosis confirmed to start your prenatal care as soon as you can.