7 Funny Baby Shower Themes That Everyone Will Love

No material things can equal the happiness of your couple as a result of having a baby in the home. Knowing that your bundle of joy is originating requires a celebration. You want to announce towards the whole world that you’ll become parents soon and you will do it by organizing your baby shower.

Preparing for your baby shower will demonstrate how creative you may be. Here are some fun theme ideas which you can adopt in planning an infant shower.

Fairytale Theme

Having a fantasy-like theme is fun and interesting especially if you allow it to be colorful. If you might be expecting for your baby girl, you can select Cinderella or Snow White. For a boy, Peter Pan would be the best pick.

Baby Bottles Theme

You may have baby bottles of numerous sizes to decorate the best place. You can use them for centerpiece and containers for game prizes. Having a giant baby bottle can be an interesting idea.

Teddy Bear Theme

Teddy bears will be a good choice, as everybody loves it. You do not have to shell out much in buying new ones. You can grab your old but presentable teddies to brighten the space. You might have small teddy bears as prizes for games.

Diaper Theme

Having a diaper theme for the baby shower is pretty a distinctive one. You may have cutouts of assorted varieties of diapers to embellish the room. You will also expect to receive bundles of diapers as gifts out of your guests. This will help you save on buying diapers for a lot of months.

Nursery Rhyme Theme

Putting famous nursery rhymes in your invitations may be fun. You can also put pictures, together with nursery rhyme lines for decorations to generate the bedroom nice and colorful. Some of the nursery rhymes, you could possibly include are Humpty Dumpty, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Little Bo Beep, Hickory Dickory Duck and stuff like that.

Themes for Twins

If you are expecting for baby twins, it is possible to adopt the Noah’s ark concept where animals appear in two when lodging the ark. You should inform your guests through your invitations that you’re expecting for any twin so that they will take two gifts to the babies.

Color Themes

For a child girl, the commonest collection of color is pink while blue for a boy. If you are not yet certain that your infant will be a boy or perhaps a girl, you could possibly choose neutral colors like green, yellow or orange. Adding some ribbons and several baby stuff decorations is likely to make the spot more interesting.

Organizing a child shower might be fun by choosing a unique theme. There should be coordination through the invitations, room decorations, and giveaways down to the food that will be served. And you can do this coordination with a theme.