First Trimester Heartburn – What to Do

First Trimester Heartburn – Foods and Beverages

First trimester heartburn may be pretty intense and pretty frequent. You may want to please take a hard look your diet and reduce somethings. Here are some of the things that may cause heartburn:



Carbonated beverages


Citrus fruits and drinks

Coffee (regular or decaf)

Fried and fatty foods

Tomatoes and tomato products

You need to remove or cut numerous of these things out of your diet as is possible.

First Trimester Heartburn – Sleep Timing and Position

Try to not ever lay down immediately after dinner. You needs to wait a minimum of two hours before resting otherwise you may experience heartburn. Your stomach acid is maximum production level during the first hours as soon as you eat meals so do not promote heartburn by resting at the moment. When you do lay down try to keep your chest elevated, this will likely enable gravity to hold your stomach acid where it belongs.

First Trimester Heartburn – Antacids

There are lots of over-the-counter antacids available. It is typically recommended that you can test different antacids (assuming your personal doctor is comfortable along with you with these). You will learn to note that different antacids work differently for you. Some antacids could have little relation to the first trimester heartburn. Some antacids works but take to much time. Some may work quickly but not last for very long. If you pay consideration to that they work it will be possible to create an antacid system that actually works for your.

First Trimester Heartburn – Prescriptions

If your first trimester heartburn is detrimental enough or often enough that it must be tension major discomfort your doctor may prescribe an antacid for you personally. Some doctors may be reluctant to accomplish that however in the end you’re not supposed to maintain major discomfort for months. First trimester heartburn could possibly be common however the severity of it’s going to vary from one individual to another.

You will likely want to monitor how your body reacts towards the prescription. See how long it will take to function and how long it functions. Make sure you understand if it is something you might be meant to take before the heartburn takes over or after. Ask your physician any questions you may have.

The Bottom Line

The point is that you can have to obtain the right cure for your particular case of first trimester heartburn. Every woman features a different pregnancy and contains various things that actually work for the children. Find what works for you and you may stop your first trimester pregnancy.